The westerners democracy are only nonsense, you can prove it

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The westerners democracy are only nonsense, you can prove it

Postby Proud Asian » 06 Mar 2012, 02:29

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Since hundreds of years ago the westerners have taking pride and keep boasting about how great their democracy system is, a system in which they claim to have the freedom to speak out their mind. But in reality thus are just nonsense, which proven by

1. The term "troll" the westerners created which they used as a reason to ban someone from their community including from their western based websites, forums, blogs and other western based online media. For examples which of course you can also try this yourself to prove it :
- When someone make a "westerners can't Cosplay Anime/Asian characters and hurt Anime fans" , "westerners not look like Anime characters" , "westerners can't make Anime" or similar topic like that in western based forums which focused on Anime and Cosplay [ , , etc ] then the person who make that topic will be labeled as troll and his/her topic will either be locked or deleted while he/she get banned.
- Tell a western person who are obsessed with Asian and another deferent western person who are not obsessed with Asian about "westerners invaded many Asian countries for hundreds of years which killed millions of Asians" , "westerners massacres Japanese using nuclear bomb" or similar things like that. The western person who are obsessed with Asian will call you as troll while the western person who are not obsessed with Asian will never call you as troll. The reason why you receive 2 deferent reaction is clear which is because the western person who are obsessed with Asian can't face the truth, the truth about how his/her peoples [ westerners ] have done terrible things to the peoples [ Asian ] he/she obsessed with, especially being reminded of it are giving him/her the fear that it may cause the peoples he/she obsessed with to hate him/her so he/she want to find a way to run from that truth for example by calling you who said that truth as troll. As for the western person who not obsessed with Asian that will never call you as troll is because he/she can face that truth so he/she don't need to run a way from it because he/she don't even care if it will cause Asian to hate him/her.

There is nothing wrong in saying all of that because all of it are truth and speaking the truth will never make the person who speak it and their action of speaking it to be wrong, it also never can be used as a reason to punish them. It is the truth that :
- Millions Anime fans are hurt by westerners who Cosplay Anime characters because westerners can't Cosplay Anime characters which end ruining the Anime characters they keep failing to Cosplay.
- The reason why westerners can't Cosplay Anime characters is because westerners not look like Anime characters since we Asians make our Anime characters based on our own Asians facial & body form while from all westerners in the world there is none of them who can born looking like us Asians including going to be in the future. So it is a truth to say westerners not look like Anime characters.
- Since to this day there is not even 1 Anime made by westerners so it is the truth that westerners can't make Anime.
- The westerners invaded many of our Asian countries which not only tortured and killed millions of our Asian ancestors but also stealing countless of our Asian wealth including countless of our Asian natural and human resource, all of that are what cause around 80% of poverty in Asia to this day.
- Hundreds thousands Japanese killed by westerners using the nuclear bombs they dropped in Japan, not only that there are tenth thousands Japanese raped by westerners during and after WW2 too.

The westerners biggest video hosting website called youtube that got backed by the western government are also no different where many of our videos are deleted there which we are sure because of what we speak out in those videos are against their western supremacy, a supremacy in which those westerners base on believing their western race are the superior race while other race must bow down and look up to them. We also believe that the western forums, websites, blogs and other western based online media who did the same thing as youtube are also have the same motive in which those westerners unable to accept critics that are against them especially the one that degrade their racist western supremacy believes. What disgusting is they keep boasting about them of allowing freedom of speech while keep trying to force many of our Asian countries such as China to allow more freedom of speech, it is no wonder that nazi are listed as one of them because those who form and become as the members of nazi are also westerners. You can check some of our deleted videos there in our main video server

For example is our "We Asians feel insulted when you westerners cosplaying our Anime/Asian characters" video. The only one who are Asian in this world are us Asians so it is our rights as Asian to defend our own Asian race, our rights to do whatever we Asians want to what belong to us Asians including with our Anime and our rights to speak out about how we Asians feel including on how we Asians feel insulted when westerners impersonating us Asians through cosplaying our Anime/Asian characters.

Another example is our "Why Asians have to be the one cosplaying Anime/Asian characters" video. Other than it is racist when westerners cosplaying our Anime/Asian characters because impersonating other race are racism, it is also undeniable that millions of our Anime fans are hurt by western cosplayers. Anyone will get hurt when seeing the one they love, admired and respect are being mocked or ruined by other peoples who portray them badly, in this case western cosplayers portray our Anime characters badly by failing to Cosplay our Anime characters. The Anime we Asians created are not for cosplayers to Cosplay but for our Anime fans to watch, many of our Anime fans have said that they are hurt by westerners for failing on cosplaying their favorite Anime characters. Some of them even said they lost interest in our Anime due to them seeing their favorite Anime characters ruined by western cosplayers which are the opposite when many peoples who are not even our Anime fans said they are interested with our Anime after seeing our Asian cosplayers awesomely cosplaying our Anime characters.

As for the other videos, what clear is :
- We Asians are the one who are Asian in this world and we Asians feel insulted when westerners impersonating us Asians.
- Anime belong to us Asians, millions of our Anime fans are hurt by western cosplayers.
- We are not directing our videos to the entire western race but only to the westerners who impersonate us Asians through choosing [ no one forcing them ] to Cosplay our Anime/Asian characters rather than choosing to Cosplay their own cartoon/western characters so there is no racism in our action.
- Justice never see what race the criminal is. It does not matter what race they are, if they are doing wrong things then they are wrong even if they are westerners themselves. This made forbidding westerners from cosplaying our Anime/Asian characters to be justified and to be no racism, instead it would be wrong and stupid to keep allowing westerners to Cosplay our Anime/Asian characters because why should we Asians keep allowing westerners keep insulting us Asians and to keep ruining our Anime.

On the other side youtube are allowing videos that are racism against us Asians such as the videos of "Asians can't drive" , "Asians are ugly" or similar videos like that. There also many videos which made by westerners such as "Why Asians prefer to marry westerner" , "Asians doing eye surgery is in order of wanting to look like westerner" and similar videos like that, those videos not only made by peoples who are not Asian so they have no rights to speak about how we Asians feel but those videos also not based on fact because we Asians never said we Asians doing eye surgery to look like westerner while all most all of us Asians married to our own race which are to our own Asian peoples.

Also cars, eye surgery, tv, computers, electric, phone and anything else which we Asians can create and make ourselves are belong to us Asians so those westerners have right to forbid us Asians from doing what belong to us Asians, those westerners also have no right on associating it with something like of wanting to be like those westerner. Unlike us Asians who own Anime, Manga and our other Asian characters, we Asians can interpret and said those westerners action of cosplaying our Anime/Asian characters as anything including as an action of impersonating us Asians. The most logical reason why youtube allowing videos like that is because those videos are supporting their western supremacy which they base on racism of believing their western race are the superior race while other race must bow down and look up to them.

2. The westerners made laws to punish anyone who denied what those westerners want other peoples to believe.
For example is holocaust and armenian genocide, if you are currently in the west while you are denying holocaust and armenian genocide then you will be put in prison there. This will also applied to historian in the present and in the future who conduct their own research to seek out the truth who then come out to their own conclusion based on the fact of their research that holocaust and armenian genocide are never happen. In other words those westerners are forcing peoples to believe something those westerners want other peoples to believe.

The westerners keep boasting about democracy are only as excuse to keep saying nonsense to and about us Asians in hoping we Asians will be "destroyed" especially because those westerners are not happy and jealous of us Asians because we Asians have the potential to advance far more higher than those westerners which proven by our Asian countries like China. Even without democracy, China are now the world 2nd largest economic power and soon will be the world super power in less than 6 more years, it should already be since many years ago if China not invaded by western countries and also because China are not a country who invade and steal from other countries to advance unlike many western countries such u.s.a and u.k.

Even thought China not claiming of allowing freedom of speech but in reality China are allowing more freedom of speech as long as not directed towards the government with a very good reasons which is to create stability so that China can advance faster while still keeping morality, which what made China as today where even only in the past 20 years there are hundreds millions Chinese who can't afford to eat properly but now they not only able to eat as much as they want but also able to buy luxury things such as cars, tv, live in an apartment, etc.

What the use you can criticise your government but not able to criticise other things while living with poor economy like what happen in the west now where more and more western countries are facing economic crisis. In Asia we Asians have more respect for other peoples opinions, even if someone make topic such as "Asians can't drive" , "Asians not look like cartoon characters" or similar things like that we Asians are not calling them as troll or with similar term and not using it as excuse to lock/delete their topic moreover to ban them from our Asian websites, forums, etc even when the "Asians can't drive" statement is not a truth and just nonsense.

Democracy is the most stupid system in the world and will only cause instability and moral degradation, for example :
- In an election, the losers will do anything including using lies against the winner so that they will win in the next election, the lies proven or not will have effect on the peoples who sooner or later will also do the same thing as their leader who supposed to be their role model.
- The 2008 financial crisis are caused by greedy speculators in western countries.
- Many western countries are allowing gay marriage, there are many things wrong with gay marriage including it is sin in any religion and how it can cause human extinction because no gay couple can have children. Human are not created as gay which is why human can still continue to exist to this day.
- For the sake of democracy a group of peoples can make laws as sick as allowing rape, murder, etc as long as 50,1% of the voters agreed which already proven by the laws of allowing gay marriage in many western countries.
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